Bring Potential Clients back with Retargeting

//Bring Potential Clients back with Retargeting

There are many digital marketing strategies that aim to draw prospects to your website and increase revenue. However, it’s not always easy to make these strategies work and get a good return on your investment. One of the most successful and useful digital marketing strategies available today is retargeting. At YIMPROS, we have a number of experts who can create a sophisticated and precise re-targeting campaign for your business.


What Is Retargeting?


When you study your website’s traffic analysis, you’ll notice a wide disparity between the

number of visitors and the number of conversions and this isn’t unusual. Even websites and businesses with solid marketing campaigns have only a fraction of visitors that convert and purchase products. The rest just browse, collect information, and add products to carts or wish lists, and leave.

Retargeting is a marketing strategy directed towards these prospects. They’re people who’ve already visited your website, social media, and other places where you’ve been present. They’ve already expressed interest in your products and services; so with the help of retargeting you can remind them of their interest and bring their attention back to your website.

This strategy works and enjoys a high rate of conversion. You’ll get great ROI from retargeting because you target a very specific audience. However, to gain success you need to have the right plan because retargeting can appear intrusive and unnerving if it’s not handled well. After all, your ads will follow customers wherever they are on the internet, including social media, Google affiliate websites, blogs, etc. You need to structure the campaign to ensure your prospects aren’t offended by the intrusion.


How YIMPROS Can Help

At YIMPROS, we have experts who know how to create and build target audience lists that work. We set the right parameters and create ad copies that would draw prospects in and convince them to purchase the product. They have thorough knowledge of:

  • Google Display Network
  • Budget Management for PPC and Retargeting Campaigns
  • Brand Awareness and Promotion
  • Targeting Parameters available in AdWords

We’ll create comprehensive retargeting campaigns that help improve conversions and increase revenue.

You can contact YIMPROS if you have questions about digital marketing, especially retargeting services that deliver high ROI. Just give us a call at 1 855 946 7767 or fill in this contact us form and we’ll reply with answers as soon as we can.

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