Official Google City Partner

//Official Google City Partner

YIMPROS Founders Daniel Rosenstein and Michael Fronius are excited to announce that we have become an Official Google City Partner of Google’s Brand New Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map Program. The program was launched on March 25, 2015 and has announced that it will help strengthen local businesses in over 30,000 communities across the nation, and your community is one of them. Now local businesses have a resource to help them get online and to make sure they’re seen on Search, Maps, and more. Let’s Put Your City on the Map!

As an Official Google City Partner, we’re taking the lead in helping local businesses be seen online. We are supported with tools and resources from Google and will be hosting workshops designed to help small businesses make the most of Google Search and Google Maps. Our mission is to make sure Local Businesses understand the benefits of showing up in Local Search.

Online search is a major factor in the way local consumers find businesses and make their purchasing decisions.  Many small and local businesses still do not have a full profile available online.  With just a few simple adjustments, the results can be extraordinary.

To See a list of our upcoming Workshops visit –

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